New York’s Time Report On 50 Cent: A Classic Case Of Giving A Dog A Bad Name

50 cent new york times wura

The New York Times is a respected news platform so i’m surprised they stoop low to the point of editing 50 Cent’s instagram post just to make him look bad.

A photo on a report on the paper’s site on 50 Cent bankruptcy case was edited by the paper to make it look like the rapper was mocking the legal system. Which is just wrong on all levels because I believe they should maintain a certain standard.

50 Cent rightly called out the paper on his instagram page and if there is a legal ramification for their act. I think he should sue them because this a clear case of defamation.

50 Cent is not the nicest celebrity out there. But a respectable platform like New York Times should know better than alter a report just to make a report look better.

New York Times you goofed on this one.

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