Nicki Minaj Comedy Casts Lead

Nicki Minaj Comedy Casts Ariana Neal

The upcoming sitcom from The Pink Friday singer just casted Ariana Neal to play young Nicki.

Does this girl have the swag? Can she flow? And in the looks department is she curvalicious?

Neal is probably best known for her work in Fruitvale Station with Michael B. Jordan.

Minaj posted on instagram, “I am honored and excited to announce that I’ve literally hand picked the main characters of my scripted comedy ‘Nicki’.” The post came along with a list of the entire cast. I’m most hype that Whoopi Goldberg is joining the cast. Goldberg hasn’t had a good role in a while, and she needs something to flex her muscles other than keeping fights at bay on The View.

Nicki has been pretty busy. Her relationship with Meek Mill isn’t going that well. I shouldn’t say that, they could be quite happy, but Meek is going to prison. Also, Nicki has been battling her ex Sarafee Samuels who claims Minaj owes him money. Girl, to say you have man problems is an understatement. I for one am happy that Minaj is doing something on her own.

I honestly have no idea if Nicki is funny or not. Actually, if I had to bet money, I would say not. I mean she’s got the rap game down, for sure, but who knows where her TV talents lie. However, I will be watching Nicki on ABCFamily (soon to be Freeform) to see what she’s made of.

Nicki Minaj Comedy Casts Lead

Ariana Neal is only 10 years of age, but she has already been acting for 7 years. (That’s impressive) Also, this girl can sing. I mean SANG. Her youtube page features multiple covers, one that’s pretty awesome of Bruno Mars, “Grenade.”

The singer and actress bellows out the words for the Mars hit, and does well, and not just for her age. The only downfall to the video is her mom(maybe?) holding the camera and singing background. Neal’s singing abilities don’t seem to be genetic…

Ariana is comfortable in front of the camera, and I think she might be able to pull off a young Nicki Minaj. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Watch Ariana’s Grenade Cover Below:

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