Nigerian Actress, Stella Damascus, Hits Back At Steve Harvey’s Critics

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

Popular Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus has come out in defense of Steve Harvey, whose error almost caused a huge controversy at the just concluded 2015 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas.

Steve Harvey wrongly announced Miss Columbia as the winner of the pageant before correcting his error moments after the “wrong queen” had been crowned. But even though he apologized to the audience and announced the original winner of the pageant as Miss Philippines. The deed had already been done and social media went on overdrive as folks tore into veteran entertainer.

Stella Damascus wura

However the Nigerian actress, who is currently based in the United States, has now fired back at those criticizing Steve Harvey. Stating that people should cut him some slack and stop vilifying him for making just ONE error.

In her words, “I just want to plead with some people not to ask me any questions about Steve Harvey anymore. This man is an amazing, talented, respectable, wealthy human being. I did not realize that the punishment for honest mistakes is a death sentence by ignorant people who have no idea what it takes to do the work that he does.

For decades, this man has entertained people and brought joy to many but all of a sudden he makes an honest mistake and hell breaks loose.

Stella Damascus rightly pointed out that no one is above mistake, thus people shouldn’t tear down a man, who has done well for himself.

He is a black man who has done well for himself, let not make him into one of those who get to a certain level but is cut down. Enough of the ridicule please. It is a few days to Christmas, let’s be positive and celebrate as opposed to making a whole family feel worse than they already do.”

Well said!

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