Nigerian High School Valedictorian With 101.6 GPA Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools


Nigerian born New York Valedictorian, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, from Long Island high school is making great strides in the education sector. As she has been accepted to all eight Ivy League school

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna revealed in a report with WRIC that her rise to the top was due to the hard work she put in all through her time in school.

“I think the main thing that has shaped me into the individual I am now is just tenacity and persistence,” she said.

Uwamanzu-Nna further revealed that her Nigerian background and the fact that her relatives don’t have the same opportunity also spurred to do better and she hopes to contribute to the growth of her home country.

“Though I was born here in American, I visited Nigeria many times,” she said. “And I’ve seen that my cousins don’t have the same opportunities that I have. So definitely, whatever I do, I want to make sure that it has an impact on Nigeria.”

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna is a science enthusiast and she was an Intel finalist for her research on cement that could help prevent underwater oil rigs from rupturing.

It’s now in Augusta Uwamamzu-Nna’s hand to decide on which College to attend. As she has been accepted into Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute along with Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.

She’s not just making her home country proud but also all black women across the world. Indeed BlackGirlsRock.

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