Nigerian OAP, Elvina Ibru Doesn’t Believe In Marriage

Elvina ibru

Elvina and son, Elisha

Nigerian Classic FM OAP and daughter of billionaire, Micheal Ibru, Elvina Ibru doesn’t believe a woman needs a man to validate her. She’s not ready to get married in the near future.

Elvina Ibru has been very vocal about woman’s rights and the need for a woman to feel “whole without a man.” So it wasn’t much of a surprise to followers of the Nigerian entertainment industry when she made it known again on twitter last night.

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In a twist to the whole “not getting” married notion that Elvina Ibru has been propagating, she pointed out the fact that most African homes tend to validate a woman’s worth by her marital status. This is totally spot on.

One of her tweets reads

“I have never had a desire to get married, so I am in a very happy place. However, never say never because ultimately my destiny might not be in marriage NOW, but maybe when I’m 75yrs old. You never can tell.”

A successful African man is not often hounded with the whole “when are you getting married question.” But, the reverse is the case when it comes to the female folks. This is just wrong in my opinion, because there is so much more to a woman than a ring on her finger.

Elvina Ibru, who battled obesity some years back, already has a son. It remains to be seen if she’ll change her mind about getting married anytime soon. It’s high time African parents stop putting so much pressure on their kids to get married, because it is so not cool.

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