Nollywood Lacks Ethics And Discipline-Angela Phillips

Angela Phillips

Nollywood actress, Angela Phillips, has revealed that the Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood, lacks the ethics and discipline it needs in a recent interview.

The actress who has been off the movie scene recently revealed in an interview with Nigerian Newspaper, Vanguard, that the industry had more sanity and professionalism in the past. “I don’t even understand them at all. Unlike those days when we got into the industry, there was discipline, strictness and ethics,” she said.

Angela Phillips, who kicked off her career in the popular Nigerian series, Behind The Clouds, also had words for new actresses in the industry who often claim that they’ve been sexually harassed. The veteran actress believes they (the actresses) are desperate and are willing to go the extra mile just to be famous. Thus they open themselves up for producers to take advantage of them. She made mention of the fact that no director or movie producer ever made any sexual advances at her because of the way she carried herself.

Well, with the money and fame the movie industry now provides, it’s hard to expect things to be the same.

Nollywood: Leaders of the new school part2

But while things are not like it used to be way back, it’s definitely not all negative as the new school actors have done their bit (and are still doing more) to make the industry better. In spite of all these Mrs. Angela Phillips points are quite valid and a little more professionalism wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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