Nollywood Veterans: Still Going Strong

Nollywood wura

Nollywood has come a long way from a project backed up by a few rich individuals to a multi-billionaire industry. The rise of Nollywood as the 3rd largest movie industry in the world is by no small feat as a lot of individuals gave their blood, sweat and “lines” to make the industry what it is today.

Hollywood has the likes of Danny Glover, Harrison Ford, and  James Earl Jones  who still bless our screens with their acting skills but like the Americans we do have our own set of veterans who can hold their own amongst the best in the business.

While we’ve lost quite a few of our own pioneers to the cold hands of death and some have fizzled out. A lot of them are still going strong  with amazing performances that give the young actors a run for their money.

In this WuraTv exclusive we’ll take you through a‎ list of the nollywood veterans who are still waxing strong in the industry today. So without further ado or “serenre” (as the yorubas will say) here are the list of Veterans who still are blazing the trail in Nollywood.

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