O.J. Simpson Laughs Off “Murder Knife” Discovery

Oj simpson

O.J. Simpson got back on the headline for the wrong reason once again. As the “alleged” weapon he “allegedly” used in murdering Nicole and Ron, a buck knife, resurfaced after 20-years of the crime.

But the real news is the fact that O.J. Simpson is not letting this latest development get to him. Mailonline reports that O.J. Simpson burst into raucous laughter not only because he legally can’t be tried for the same crime twice anyway…but also because he swears he had a little more sense than to bury a murder weapon where he laid his head.

‘It’s complete bulls**t. But this is all they got. It’s pathetic, really pathetic,’ Simpson told a prison source.

‘Let me tell ya’ll something, I’m not that stupid, I got on a plane that night going to Chicago, that’s all I’m gonna say.’
‘O.J. further revealed to MailOnline LA police are gonna look stupid again when everyone realizes this is all a hoax,”
‘O.J. went on and on about how the LAPD tried to frame him and still couldn’t get him so now here they are over 20 years later and they are still trying to prove he killed Nicole and Ron. He said they were just a bunch of pathetic racists.’

The alleged murder weapon is reportedly being tested for hair and fingerprints and will be sent to the serology unit. Where it will be tested for DNA and other biological evidence.

But OJ, currently serving a 33-year prison sentence for armed robbery, found the discovery amusing.

‘OJ was laughing but he was also really p***ed off,’ the source continued. OJ says the LAPD, Marcia Clark, Chris Darden and all the rest of those b******s made money off of his name, writing books, doing interviews and now there is a new TV series out about the murders and they’re making money off of that too.

‘So now somebody else wants to write a book about a f*****g knife,’ OJ told the prison insider..

‘It’s a lie and a desperate attempt to remind everyone that I am a murderer even though they couldn’t prove it.

‘Now…after all of these years a knife mysteriously appears when they know I am up for parole next year. How convenient.”

Other reports suggests that the knife was found years ago so it’s a little bit fishy that it is popping off now.

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