Obama Joins Comedians In Cars


Obama Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

An Obama Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee  episode!!!

Jerry Seinfeld has been doing well for himself with the webseries, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s an extremely low budget show where Seinfeld and other comedians get a coffee, and talk a bit (in a hilarious way) while driving a classic car. The Seinfeld star will feature POTUS in an upcoming episode.

Some of us love the President, and I’d like to say we at least all respect him regardless of your political views. But, is he funny? I’d say yes. He’s done things during speeches i.e.  “pop off” and taken various pictures that would make me think he has a good sense of humor. And, he has Michelle. There is no way a woman that amazing (I mean she raps, she speaks out for women’s education, and her bucket list is awesome) would go for a man who wasn’t funny.

Since Obama’s presidential is on it’s last leg as he is soon to leave the whitehouse, why shouldn’t the President take some time to be funny. I’m sure he will talk some political issues, and there will most definitely be an agenda he will push. I mean he is the President, and it wouldn’t be stretch to say the word is in crisis. Because we have a serious host of problems (terrorism, race, economy… need I go on) that aren’t just limited to America.

Past episodes of Comedians in Cars have featured Steve Harvey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jim Carrey amongst other funny people. I think having POTUS on will be a welcome change from the typical comedian jab. Honestly, he should do another round with White House material, and feature Michelle Obama on the show. That woman is funny. I’m sure she has people, but sometimes her twitter, vines, videos, etc… can be hilarious, but always with a point. i.e. that rap video.


The Obama Comedians in Cars episode will air Dec. 30. Be sure to check it out, at comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com

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