Okey Bakassi Puts Emeka Ike On Blast

Okey Bakassi Wura Picture credit: Dailymall

Okey Bakassi Wura
Picture credit: Dailymall

It seems actor Emeka Ike is alone in his battle against the Actor’s Guild Of Nigeria. Recently, popular Nigerian comedian and actor Okey Bakassi had some harsh words for Ike.

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In spite of his “supposed” relationship with the embattled actor, Okey Bakassi, in an interview with Hiptv’s Nancy Isime, held nothing back as he tongue lashed Emeka Ike in the 30minute interview when he was asked to give his opinion on the actor, he had this to say:

Its a shame Emeka Ike is the one trying to bring crisis into the AGN. This is a man who should be focusing on his marriage and family life. Every time he is in the news, it’s for something negative. it is either he is fighting his wife, landlord or even Pastor Chris Okotie. He is just trying to be the president of a body he did not help establish. The elders of our industry have all reached out to him to drop his ‘battle’ but he still insists on going on with it.”

Even when the presenter tried to make him focus on other aspects, Okey Bakassi still made sure he bared his mind fully:

There are time when one has to look at himself in the mirror and ask what he or she is doing. Take me for example. At my age when i thought it was time for me to get involved in politics, I went down to my village to run for the state house of assembly. Even though I did not get the ticket, I did not make too much noise about that. Instead, I came back and faced my career. If Emeka really had the interest of the guild at heart, he wouldn’t be behaving this way. We have members who are dying and we are worried about this. Everyone is thinking about how to reverse this trend so that the young ones who are coming in can benefit from AGN. So you see, it’s not right for someone who has benefited from this body to come in and overheat it. If he comes in and spoils the whole thing, who will he be president of?” 

‎The actor also talked about the battle between Basket Mouth and Sean Tizzle. In his opinion it’s hard to force anyone to support you and so he doesn’t think it’s okay to “blacklist” anyone because of that.

It remains to be seen if Emeka Ike, who is said to have reunited with his estranged wife will react to all these comments from his colleagues.

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