Oprah Shows Off New Look O Magazine

oprah o magazine Wura

Oprah unveils her new and toned figure in new edition of O Magazine and she looks totally amazing!!!

The media and lifestyle mogul shares the cover of the magazine with women. That won’t make you look like your girl is weird because she got “real curves”.Oprah Magazine-April-cover

She showcased her slimmer figure after losing 26 pounds (11.79kg) on her Weight Watchers program. And talked about living her healthiest live at the moment. She said;

I feel vibrant and charged up for all the great ventures and adventures I know are coming.” Another spring, new life. Nature changes herself yet again. We can change ourselves, too-blossoming into better habits.”

Gone, for me, are the days of wanting to be thin to fit into anything other than my best body and best life.” “This month I join forces with a legion of women, all of us declaring a win-win for our bodies and ourselves. Because I know this for sure: With age comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health.”


Oprah is a perfect example of who women should aspire to be, because she’s successful, beautiful, and she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to prove that she’s sexy.

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