Oprah Winfrey’s $14M New Ski Mansion


Who needs Santa? When your name is Oprah Winfrey, you can simply reach in your bank account and cash out enough to buy a ski mansion that comes with its own ski slope!

Drake may have said he got Money To Blow, but Oprah Winfrey’s the one blowing up a few millions of her own.

This time, the (very rich) media mogul has chosen to cash out some change to purchase a ski home in Telluride with a wine mine!

When you make millions of dollars in just one day, safe to say you got it like that. Ain’t that right Ms. Winfrey?


Extreme decor or not, up to 1,600 wine bottles are stored in a 56-foot-long tunnel or “mine shaft” in the mansion’s basement.

Along with the wine shaft to pay more homage to mining, the mansion also comes with an old-timey funicular that can carry four people up to the nearby Sundance ski slope.

Huh? What’s a funicular you ask?

It’s a cable railway in which a cable is attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moving them up and down a steep slope. Yup, Oprah’s new ski mansion has one of those.

The ride which lasts about a minute, was installed for $240K which of course is about the same as most people’s entire homes.

Oprah’s new ski home also has an observation deck with fire pit, 35 feet above ground, installed for a reported $140,000 and accessed by a walkway that sways in the trees (But of course.)

When tech entrepreneur Bob Wall had the house custom-built in 2001, he naturally stuffed the mansion with smart features, with most of the home’s systems being remote-controlled or automated. (No surprises there)

The five-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom, property has a seven-person hot tub (like whyyyy???) with glass walls that open into the forest; six decks; an exercise spa with sauna (and the hot tub); a game room with wet bar and pool table; a guest house; and a glassed-in tower with views of the San Sophia Range.

Indeed anything less would be like a ‘ordinary’ rich person, which Oprah Winfrey is clearly not.

And how much did Oprah spill for this 8,700-square-foot-fully furnished masterpiece of a mansion?

Eh, just a mere $14 million.

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