Oscars Boycott is Racist Against Whites – Charlotte Rampling, Academy Member

Charlotte Rampling oscars boycott racist against white

Ah, black people being accused of racism. Charlotte Rampling, an actress, is saying the Oscars boycott is racist against whites.

“I find that goes in the other direction: it’s racist against whites.” – Rampling

After I learned who Charlotte Rampling was (because no one cares about you, just your ignorance), I thought I would tackle this two-fold.

One racism is prejudicial nature, treatment, and even more so stemming from an uneven balance of power. It is SYSTEMATICALLY put in place and effects everyone regardless of an individual’s particular prejudicial nature. Therefore it is not possible for a minority oppressed group to be racist.

Secondly, deciding to unilateral not attend something is not prejudiced. It’s not even offensive. It’s a stand, a non-violent stand, against something we (the boycotters) don’t agree with.

Rampling is a voting member of the Academy, 69 years old, and a nominee. (I wonder if she just voted for herself) I’m not saying she speaks for all of the Academy, but the NY Times posited that the Academy might just agree with Rampling’s statement.

Do you think the Oscars boycott racist against whites agenda will start to trend? Is Rampling right?

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