Oscars Rating Drop Following #OscarssoWhite Protest


The #Oscarssowhite movement did affect the Oscars after all. As the stats for telecast shows it’s ratings dropped even lower than last year’s poor rating.

The awards hosted by Chris Rock ranks as the second-lowest on record with 34.3 million viewers.

This year’s Oscars was at a cross road and it was either going to be bigger than ever or worse. Given the fact that everyone would want to watch Chris Rock’s reaction to the call for diversity or fall short in ratings because of the calls for boycott. And the call for diversity won in the end because people showed their grievances by tuning OUT.

Sending out messages like this will go a long way in changing the way things are done in Hollywood. Because if you are not going to include us in the scheme of things, we are going to fight back in the only way we know best. That’s with our MONEY and TIME!.

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