People vs. O. J. Simpson Trailer Released

The People vs. O. J. Simpson Trailer released American Crime Story

Do you remember before Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe & Lamar, and Kimye, there was a real reason that catapulted the Kardashian name to notoriety in American history: the O.J. Simpson trial.

The first season of American Crime Story is subtitled the People vs. O.J. Simpson and it doesn’t shy away from putting the Kardashian family on blast. The trailer was recently released, and it looks good. I mean really good, like awards good.

David Schwimmer best known for Friends plays Robert Kardashian, Simpson’s lawyer. Simpson is portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. and the Kris Kardashian role goes to Selma Blair.

The rest of the cast includes Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) as Marcia Clark, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro,  Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran, and Nathan Lane as F. Lee Bailey.

I think this show is off to great start, and this is the trial that any true crime anthology series should start off with. Obviously the Kardashian name is widely public knowledge, and O. J. Simpson’s trial is legendary in proving that the criminal justice system isn’t perfect. (to say the least)

The trailer pulls off of public knowledge as it features a scene in Kim’s bedroom with O. J. holding a gun. Thanks to reality fame, the set designers knew exactly how to build the Kardashian household set. It might make watching Keeping up with the Kardashians produce a different mood. (I’ve never seen the show, so I can’t say)

I wasn’t around during the trial, but it’s common knowledge that the O. J. Simpson trial was one for the ages. The late Robert Robert Kardashian was great friends with Simpson and highly campaigned for Simpson’s acquittal.

Kardashian said in a 1996 ABC interview that he questioned Mr. Simpson’s innocence: “I have doubts. The blood evidence is the biggest thorn in my side; that causes me the greatest problems. So I struggle with the blood evidence. ” Schwimmer even consulted with Kris Jenner to prepare for his role.

I will be definitely be watching this show! I’m already excited about it, and with a cast as amazing as this I would be shocked if it didn’t exceed my expectations.


Watch the People vs. O. J. Simpson trailer below:

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