Police Seize Lil Wayne $30 Million Property In Raid

Lil Wayne

It appears that all is not well in ‘Wayne’s World’ as the Miami Beach Police has seized at least $30 million dollars of Lil Wayne’s property, specifically, his art collection, after a court-ordered raid.

The 33-year-old rapper was visited at his Miami Beach mansion in a raid format by deputies who were there to collect what Lil Wayne owes in a court judgment.

As we know ‘Weezy F’ always does it big, private jets and all, which is now landing him in hot water.

The officers were on a mission to seize certain assets inside the house because Wayne has not paid a $2 million judgment to Signature Group, a jet leasing company that sued him and won back in September.

The Young Money CEO is also said to owe the company $200,000 in lawyer’s fees.

Looks like Weezy has to pay up by any means necessary.

For the raid, the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s officers obtained a court order that allowed them to break the locks of the doors if necessary to gain entry and confiscate seizable assets.

An expert was also reported to be part of the raid to value the items inside the mansion to better direct the court’s seizures.

Several plaques and a few pieces of (very expensive) art pieces later, Lil Wayne’s grand mansion walls are very bare momentarily without some of his $30 million art collection pieces.

I guess he has “a milli” or so less now.

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