Possible Drug Charges For Lamar Odom


Fallen NBA star Lamar Odom may be facing criminal drug charges after his near-death experience last month.

The first 48 hours of uncertainty may have passed, but an indefinite amount of uncertainty may lay ahead for Lamar Odom and his family. This past Monday revealed what prosecutors are considering against the 35-year-old ball player.

Talk about beating a man while he’s down, but we suppose the law is still the law.

Authorities investigating a possible cocaine overdose by Odom got a warrant  on Oct. 13 to take a blood sample while he was hospitalized in critical condition after his drug binge at the the Love Ranch Brothel in Crystal, Nevada.

Of course, he tested positive for cocaine in his system in the toxicology test. Aside from that, the brain damage he has suffered from as a result is evidence of the effects of the controlled substance.

Released 911 tapes also reveal a worker at the brothel confirming that Odom had used a lot of cocaine before becoming unresponsive.

Nye County Sheriff Office has submitted a request for prosecution against Odom even as he receives treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.

Nye County District Attorney Angela A. Bello tells PEOPLE in a statement,

“The D.A.’s office will take the time needed to appropriately review that request, along with all evidence that might support that request, in order to reach a just conclusion regarding whether to advance charges.”

Indeed charging Odom, and then informing him will be a task for prosecutors seeing as Odom is still unaware why he has brain injury in the first place, as confirmed by his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

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