Post Baby Blues: Coco Says No More “Goodies” For Ice T

Ice T

Ice T is not getting any of Coco’s goodies at the moment because the model and reality star has revealed that sex has not been on the “table” ever since she gave birth to their baby girl.

In a new interview with People, Coco revealed how much having her daughter Chanel changed her. “Sex is nonexistent for the first couple of months,” the new mum said. “It definitely changes … you don’t get the ‘OK’ to even have sex or go to the gym until 16 [weeks].”

“You don’t even want sex,” she continued, adding, “that’s the thing. Everything is about the child. Nothing is sexual in your world.”

“We’re very much a tight family,” Coco said. “At night — the dog, the baby — we all plop into our bed and it’s a full bed. So, there are no alone moments with your husband.”

Ice T and Coco welcomed their baby in November

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