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Prince EA Wura TV


Prince Ea aka Richard Williams is a rapper, spoken-word artist, and youtuber. His video, “Why I Think This World Should End,” went viral and garnered over 4 million views. Now, Prince Ea is bringing his talent to Wura. So, we would love to let all of our followers get to know him.

From Richard Williams to Prince Ea

Williams was born in St. Louis Missouri and has two siblings. He attended the University of St. Louis. He received a degree in Anthropology with Latin honors.

His Latin background gave birth to the name, Prince Ea, which is derived from Sumerian mythology. It translates to Prince of the Earth. The name seems fitting for his spoken word and activist ways.

Vibin’ with Prince Ea

In 2009, he won Vibe Verses Grand Champion and was featured in their magazine. He also won$5000 in music and recording equipment. Additionally, he was featured in Discover Magazine. He also won another contest in 2011 hosted by rapper, Ludacris. He was named ‘Best Hip-Hop Artist in St.Louis’ by Riverfront Times.

He released a free mixtape in 2011 entitled “The Compilation Mixtape.”

Prince Ea on Youtube

Prince Ea has over three hundred thousand subscribers and several viral videos. Some of his videos are “Can We Autocorrect Humanity,” (which has over 13 million views) “Why Most People Die Before Age 25,” and the aforementioned, “Why I Think This World Should End.”


He has hundreds of uploads that range from life topics, music, humor, and political issues.

His videos are inspirational and encouraging.


Ea’s latest achievement is SMART (Sophisticating Minds And Revolutionizing Thought). It’s message is to make smart cool. Ea strives to promote intelligence and integrate it with hip-hop. The make SMART cool movement has been supported by Black Thought, Immortal Technique, and Traphik, among other artists.

Prince Ea has already touched millions of lives with his music and his words. Experience the music and the knowledge he has to offer now on Wura.

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