Psquare VS Soundcity?


Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

It seems Psquare just drew the battle line in a “supposed” tussle with Soundcity. Soundcity made a decision to no longer play Psquare videos and Peter Okoye was less than happy. Given Soundcity’s support to the Nigerian music industry in recent years and Psquare this is quite a surprise.

The management of ‎Soundcity released a statement on their website which changed the whole direction of Peter’s rant on twitter. The statement which was posted on their website revealed that the station has not played any song from Psquare as a result of Psquare’s refusal to perform for free at their annual end of the year event.

According to the statement by soundcity Jude “Engees” Okoye said “WHAT HAS SOUNDCITY EVER DONE FOR PSQUARE.” Thus the station decided to blacklist music videos from the duo.

As if we’ve not had enough Jude Okoye, the manager and brother to the music duo posted a series of tweets which suggested that they were just asking to be treated with the professionalism their brand deserves.  Jude went to twitter to lash back:

While we hope that these two brands maintain their professionalism, this brings to question the issues concerning acts who supposedly bite the fingers that feed them and brands feeling entitled. We’ll keep you posted on any new development on this “messy” clash of the titans.


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