Rachel Dolezal Admits She Is White

Rachel Dolezal I was born white Rachel Dolezal admits she is white


Rachel Dolezal admits she is white (finally) on an episode of The Real talk show. DolezalĀ made headlines and meme history (the hashtag #askrachel) when she was outed as a white person pretending to be black some months ago.

Dolezal said, “I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black.” I ask Rachel Dolezal the same kind of question I would have for Caitlyn Jenner. What do is it mean to be black or in Jenner’s case a woman?

Black is a skin-tone, and while it is often used to mean the same thing as African-American; it does not mean the same thing. Dolezal also made the distinction between black and African-American saying, “I wouldn’t say I’m African American, but I would say I’m black, and there’s a difference in those terms.”

There is a difference. African-American literally means a descendant from Africa and more than likely not a descendant of slaves in America. Your ancestors got to the U.S.A. on a slave ship. While, being black is a comment on the skin-tone of someone being on the brown/copper scaleĀ in complexion or the heritage or an ancestor in their family being “black” in complexion.

Dolezal looks white and like she has enjoyed a good tan. But, a lot of light-skinned black people look like Dolezal.

I honestly never thought she was crazy. White people are trying to be black all the time. She just was honest about it. I think the lies is what got most people, because it was unnecessary.

There is nothing. REPEAT NOTHING, that is a “black thing” or a “white thing” or a “hispanic thing,” and you can fill in the blank with any race, culture, etc… The beauty of America is that it is a cultural melting pot. We borrow and take from one another because at the end of the day we are American.

There are certain traditions, ways, etc… that may originate from a specific culture. But, if you are white and you play jazz, listen to jazz, and eat, sleep, and breathe jazz… at the end of the day you will still be white.

I’m not more black if I protest for civil rights and less black if I stay at home with the kids. Actions, thoughts, etc… those are not unique to a culture. When someone starts to say they “feel black,” I already am saying you are kind of racist.

It’s not possible to “feel black.” I know because when I wake up in the morning “I feel sleepy,” but I don’t feel black. I AM black which is completely different. You can turn feelings on and off. They can change. My blackness does not turn off.

I’m glad to hear Rachel Dolezal say she is white. She has one part of the problem locked down. She identifies as “racially” human and culturally “black.” This sounds a little better because there is nothing wrong to preferring a certain culture which in this instance would be better phrased as culturally “african-american.”

“I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon,” Rachel Dolezal said of her childhood years back in June. “That’s how I was portraying myself.”

The world is screwed up because her thoughts and actions resonate with a body identity disorder, but in today’s day and age if you can think it you can do it.

Can someone actually feel black?


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