Raven Symone Roast Session From Twitter


Some people celebrate Black History month by remembering poignant organizations, SNCC, NAACP, etc… and people Malcolm X, Dr. King, Thurgood Marshall…

Twitter celebrates by roasting black people we are unanimously over.  This week’s target, Raven Symone. I honestly don’t have an intense hatred for Raven, like most black people. We are not BFFs, but through her downward spiral of craziness , I understand some of her ridiculousness, although I don’t agree with her on pretty much anything.

I do think Raven has gotten the short-end of the stick, and there’s a lot of difference between an ignorant Raven Symone and a blatant self race hater, like Stacey Dash. Nonetheless, twitter is so funny and there is some hilarious sharp, criticism for Raven out in the world.

Check out 15 – Raven “Black History Month” Tweets


The Remember when you said this ignorant thing?? – Sincerely, Watermelondrea

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