Real or Pained? Jason Whitlock Says Kobe Bryant Is The Most Fraudulent Athlete Ever (Video)

kobe bryant

While almost everyone is celebrating Kobe Bryant’s contribution to the beautiful game of Basketball after he bowed out of the game in style. Sport analyst, Jason Whitlock, has a different opinion on Kobe Bryant, whom he describes as the most fraudulent athlete in the game.jason-whitlock-2

According to Jason Whitlock, Kobe Bryant’s diva attitude during his time in Los Angeles ripped apart the Lakers franchise from within and is the reason why they are the laughing stock of the NBA. He continued his assault of Kobe Bryant on The Herd, saying Kobe Bryant is the most fraudulent celebrity that we have in society right now, and said he never made his own brand in the NBA, but instead was a Michael Jordan impersonator for two decades.

Watch Jason Whitlock’s rant below. You think he is right?

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