Rick Ross Slams Chris Rock Over His “Cornie” Oscars Monologue


Rick Ross has also slammed Chris Rock for his distasteful and “sell out” monologue at the Oscars. Where he made fun of black actors and singer’s in a demeaning way.

Rick Ross made his opinion on the comedian known during his appearance on D.C’s 93.9 fm;

Chris Rock, he a cornball. Let’s keep it real,” Rick Ross said, during the interview. I ain’t even finna kick it with y’all like that. Chris Rock a cornball. And I’mma leave it right there. It wasn’t funny. He ain’t the one. I’m not a fan of his.”

I love the fact that black celebrities now see his monologue for what it is, which is a classic case of a black man selling out his brothers just to get cheap recognition.

You played yourself Chris Rock!

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