Rihanna’s Anti Flops (New Single “Work”)

Rihanna Anti

It’s been four years. Count ’em four sinceĀ ApologeticĀ was released from Rihanna. The former album contained hits like “Diamond” “Stay” and “Pour it Up.”

You would think she would come back a little harder. The album has been poorly reviewed, and after listening to the weak lead single “Work” I’m inclined to agree.

The song is only available on Tidal which makes me dislike it even more. I didn’t make it through the song as the chorus is mad annoying. I’m not a massive Rihanna fan, but I can jam out and dance to a good tune. “Work” sounds like it was work to produce, release, and get on the radio. It reminds me that I would rather being doing work than listening to to this song.

You can check out the single here and preview the album on Tidal.

Check out the album cover below:

rihanna anti album cover



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