Rihanna Shuts Down NBA Player Matt Barnes On Instagram


Riri ain’t the one to play with.

NBA player Matt Barnes found out the harsh way that although it’s okay to lust after the Barbadian beauty, it is definitely not okay to ‘thirst publicly’  and imply that you are with her.

This past Sunday, the 35-year-old former LA Clippers player was asked by TMZ to shed some light on his and Rihanna’s relationship amidst the rumors. He had replied,

Rihanna’s my friend right now so um we’ll see where it goes… I think it just passed the crush stage, a little bit.”

Uh. huh. Riri begs to differ as she took to her IG to set things bone straight. Not only does she claim to have never met Barnes, she showed no mercy in letting the world know just how far from the truth the TMZ video implied.

The 27-year-old singer boldly plastered a picture of Barnes on her IG and followed it with a string of not-so-warm hashtags that read,

#bishwhere, #thedevilisaliar, #shesnotthatintoyou, #shesnotintoyouatall, #sheneverevenmetyou, #thisactuallyhurtsmyfeelings, #defamationofchracter.”

If that doesn’t set the record completely straight, we don’t know what does.



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