Ronda Rousey Speaks About Loss To Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey Speaks About Holly Holm

The formerly undefeated UFC champion, Ronda Rousey has been quiet after her kick in the face defeat delivered via the foot of Holly Holm.

Rousey who was known for both her skills in the ring and out is finally talking about the fight after being silent for quite some time. The main thing she is saying is, “I feel so embarrassed.” And she should!

Rousey belittled and spoke something close to hatred in regards to Holm. She was extremely arrogant about the fight although admitting that it might be more challenging that some of her other fights. One thing is clear the rematch to end all rematches will happen.

“I need to come back. I need to beat this chick.” Rousey is adamant about re-claiming her title, but also proving that she is the best in the world. Before Holm, Rousey hadn’t just won every fight; she had breezed through anyone who dared to step in the ring with her.

Some say she didn’t talk for a while because of her injury. Rousey had her jaw broken, lost some teeth, and suffered other facial injuries. I think the only real thing that hurt on Rousey was her pride.

Rousey has decided to keep on trainer Edmond Tarverdyan despite the fact that it was him that pushed for the Rousey v Holm bout in the first place. I think deep down Rousey knew that this fight was going to be different, and the old way of doing things wasn’t going to work.

Rousey is the highest paid female MMA athlete and she made 50 grand for getting kicked in the face. I know her pride is hurt, but at least she had a couple of dollars to comfort her.

Rousey of course is eager for a rematch, but don’t look for it to happen any time soon. Holm will most likely fight Miesha Tate next, the top ranked contender.

Ronda Rousey speaks about the loss and more on this month’s ESPN. Even after being knocked down, she made the cover. The former champ is down, but not out.

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