Russians Queue For Up To 3 Days To Get Kanye’s Yeezy Sneakers


Who knew Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers is big in Russia?

Although the Russian economy is experiencing a recession due to the fact that oil prices has hit rock bottom, this didn’t stop lovers of Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers from queuing up for three days just to get their hands on a pair of the almost $200 sneakers.

It is reported that human traffic was so congested police had to be called in to bring things under control and clear the way for vehicular traffic.

The sneakers were only sold in three shops in all of Moscow and some of the buyers claim they are planning on reselling the Yeezy sneakers which will go for about $300 on the black market in Russia.

And Kanye says he is broke? *scoffs*.

See photos of the huge crowd below;

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