Saint West Is The Newest Addition To Kimye’s Family

Saint West Kim Kardashian Baby Name

Saint West is the name for the new baby boy born in early December 2015 to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian. I had my money split between South (the obvious choice) and Yeezus (the outlier). I was wrong on both counts because via instagram Kim pronounced her baby, “Saint.” How fitting for the first family of reality to use instagram to report a baby name.

The baby was expected to be birthed Christmas Day (which I’m glad didn’t happen), but he came early due to a few complications. No worries though because all is well.

I guess being named Saint West during the holidays isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a child. I hope that he lives up to his name though.

So North West or Saint West which is more unusual or pretentious rather?

Either way, I think it’s unique and fitting for the little baby west. Five bucks says Kayne’s next album is titled North from Yeezus Jr. 

See the instagram post here:

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