Samsung Develops App That Stops People From Holding Phones Close To Their Eyes


Tech giants, Samsung, have developed a new app that will make the mobile phone experience for kids and adults less cumbersome on the eyes.

The new app called “Safety Screen” will help in preventing users, especially children, from using their mobile devices too close to their eyes.

The app uses a facial recognition sensor to determine when a smartphone or tablet is held too close the eye. If it detects that the device is too close, a “friendly” animation (pictured above) pops up and the screen is shut down. The screen can only come on again when the device is returned to the minimum recommended safe distance, which is around 25 centimeters. This can vary depending on the size of the screen being observed.

The app will also allow parents set a password that will prevent their children from deactivating the app.

According to Samsung, the app was developed in response to a report by Vision Council, an organization that advocates for better eyesight. Which states that the increase in shortsightedness is due to a mix of genetic and environmental factors which include an increase in near-range activities such as the use of phones and tablets and decreasing exposure to natural light through outdoor activities.

Although it was launched in less than a month, the app has already been downloaded 16,000 times across the Middle East and North Africa region.

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