Sandra Bullock Talks Racism

Sandra Bullock Talks Racism 2

In a recent interview with BET, Sandra Bullock shared that she talks about racism with her son. Her son Louis is African-American and she adopted him five or so years ago.

She acknowledge that she already has made her son aware of racism in the video and the fact that he may be judged “by the color of his skin” and not the content of his character.

So for white americans who have adopted black americans are they able to really raise conscious black citizens?

Sandra Bullock Talks Racism

The same question can be asked for biracial individuals. Most if not all, mixed (black and white) americans are seen as black. The old ‘one-drop’ rule is still very much in effect. So, if you are a white woman with a black son can you be a racially conscious parent?

Maybe the bigger question is can white people ever truly understand what it is to be black?

The answer is no, just like I can never fully understand what it is to be white. Your race is a part of your identity, although it is not the defining factor.

I think Sandra Bullock does her best and definitely talks to her son, but she can’t identify with him as a black american. Try as she may, she will never be able to fully understand black culture. That being said, she can understand and know her son which I think is ultimately more important.

Louis (Bullock’s son) will not be ignorant to black culture or racism, but he won’t be able to identify with his mother. This doesn’t mean she can’t be a great mom and raise a capable black citizen, it only means she won’t ever be black.


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