Scandal Planned Parenthood Episode Gets Political

Scandal Planned Parenthood Olivia Pope Abortion

Scandal Planned Parent Themed Episode, Olivia Pope Pictured

Scandal Planned Parenthood is all in one. Beware, the following article will contain spoilers from the Scandal season 5 winter finale.

Shonda Rhimes is known for speaking out about the issues. She uses both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal to tackle issues like gay rights and gender equality.

Her latest target is Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood has been in the news a lot recently.

Many believe that the government should stop giving money to the non-profit. Abortion issue aside, Planned Parenthood provides  support to those who cannot pay for reproductive healthcare. This is important for women and women’s rights.

So, the question is when you have a super-hit TV show, do you entertain or do you educate? Rhimes has chosen to do both. She has mashed the Scandal Planned Parenthood them and had a Huck-Daddy Pope show down like no other.

In the episode, Mellie (#TeamMellie) works to stop  a bill. The bill would basically end the majority of funding to Planned Parenthood. Mellie succeeds and gets the adoration of women everywhere. (Solidifying her future presidential run???)

In a completely different plot with a shocking twist, Olivia gets an abortion while Silent Night plays in the background. Conservative media groups have called the episode, “Hollywood’s moral depravity on full display.”  Not only because the episode supported abortion, but overlapped the abortion scene with Silent Night (music that signifies the birth of Jesus).

The Scandal Planned Parenthood mash up isn’t the first time a TV show has taken a hard stance on a major political issue. Empire recently had a moment for #BlackLivesMatter in a recent episode. Also, “The Lawn Chair” episode of Scandal last season was epic.

I think that TV shows can comment or discuss major issues, but they shouldn’t take a stance on them. They should leave that part up to the viewer. The media is powerful.  If Scandal, Empire, and other shows start telling us how to think… I foresee it getting dangerous. We should make our own decisions on facts not on media influence.

The media already has a controlling interest in shaping almost everything in our society. The media decides what we should buy at the store, how we should try to look, and what kind of lifestyle we should aspire to. Media also shapes racial prejudices, gender inequality, and a host of other problems. Their hands are in enough cookie jars for right now. News stations already report information from a bias, but putting politics in between wine and popcorn? It seems like too much.

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