Schemers Featuring Wole Ojo, Adunni Ade, Set For Premier, Watch Trailer


A new Nollywood”Schemers” featuring IK Ogbonna, Wole Ojo, Daniel K. Daniel, and Adunni Ade is set for premier today as 2015 finally rounds up.

The movie produced by Omorodion and Grace Edwin Okon is based on two sisters in abusive relationship. It follows their journey through heartbreaks and their quest for revenge.

Schemers directed by Gbenga Salu, is aimed at not just entertaining but also educating movie lovers with an in-depth message on domestic violence.

With critical acclaimed stars like Wole Ojo, IK Ogbonna, Daniel K Daniel and Adunni Ade, it is a almost guaranteed that the movie will turn out right, although the trailer is not as engaging as I expect it to be. But we’ll have to wait to see the full movie before making a assessment.

Watch the trailer below;

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