Sean Tizzle Announces Exit From Twitter


Nigerian twitter “assassins” have finally gotten to pop singer, Sean Tizzle, who has announced that he will be leaving the social media platform today.
Sean Tizzle has come under fire from twitter trolls in recent times due to his “sometimes” controversial tweets that is aimed at getting people’s attention, and that has obviously backfired.
About a month ago, the singer set Nigerian twitter on fire when he said that Omawunmi’s version of “Hello” was better than the ‘original’ song done by Adele (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it).
This was followed by public bashing over his skin toning, which came to light after he posted pictures from his performance at Felabration on twitter. The pics showed that the dark colour of his hands didn’t match that of other parts of his body.
Now it seems like he has had enough of the trolling and wants to have some “peace of mind.” As he took to his “verified twitter” account with over 100,000 followers to announce that he will be going off the social media platform for “good” on the 30th of December(today). See his tweets below:

However, I kind of think this is just another stint to push up promotion for his new single. Because just as he announced his decision to delete his account, he released another single on the same twitter handle.

So we’ll all to wait till 12 midnight today to see if this is just a promotional stunt or if he really means business.

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