Sean Tizzle throws shade at basket Mouth

Sean tizzle Wuratv

Sean tizzle Wuratv

Well we are all knew Sean Tizzle wasn’t going to let Basket mouth’s comment about him go without having his say, and he has proved us right in a”classic Sean Tizzle” fashion.

Although the Nigerian singer who is rumored to be dating the daughter of Nigerian Billionaire Femi OtedolaDJ Cuppy , didn’t mention Basket Mouth directly in his tweet, it is quite obvious it was directed at the ace comedian.

Sean Tizzle’s response seems to suggest that he wasn’t aware of Basket mouth’s offer to perform at his event which seems a little bit weird. But who are we to judge?

But seriously, without the “crazy” antics of our celebrities we wouldn’t have much to talk about, so guys please keep the craziness coming because we are pretty sure Basket Mouth will have the perfect tweet response. Or maybe Basket Mouth will be a bigger man this time???

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