See The Hyper-reality Drawings Of A Nigerian Artist (Photos)

What you see above is not a picture but an hyper-reality drawing of Nigerian artiste, Oresegun Olumide.

Nigerian artist, Oresegun Olumide, is been trending on the continent of Africa and beyond, and this because of his hyper realistic paintings. Which just came to light and even got him on CNN.

The Fine Art, who graduated with a distinction reveals that his artworks take anywhere from a weeks to a few months, depending on the level of detail.

He told CNN that “water is a recurring theme in his art because according to a popular adage in his native Yoruba language, “water has no enemy.””
The use of water gives a translucent effect and, he says, is “why it’s difficult for many people to do.”



Oresegun Olumide further reveals that he pushes himself to create art that his community hasn’t seen before and that is challenging for him. And from the pictures displayed on his instagram page, it’s safe to say he is making that happen.

Check out more photos of his incredible art below and more after the cut;

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