People Say Horse Should Have Won Not Serena Williams

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While most of us are happy that extremely deserving Serena Williams won Sportsperson of the year others are not. Apparently many people think the award should have went to a horse, the Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh.

Let me be the first to point the obvious, the award is called Sportsperson (albeit last year it was labeled Sportsman, but I don’t have time for a feminist rant). Serena Williams is a person. American Pharaoh is a horse, therefore not a person. In the rational person’s mind, the argument should pretty much end there.

There was a fan vote that Sports Illustrated offered, and American Pharaoh won. I don’t need to point out the obvious again do I. Okay, I will. ┬áThe reason why black people are minorities is because there are LESS black people than white people. (This is not to say that all black people chose Serena, and all white people chose the horse).

But, if you take in other factors like: 1. Who knew the poll was happening (I know I didn’t) 2. Who receives Sports Illustrated (I mean ESPN forever…) 3. And who actually votes (Sry, but studies show that people who are the most proactive voters, like upperclass republicans, are also the people most likely to vote for a horse)

With all of those factors considered, it makes sense that the horse won the quote on quote “popular” vote. But, I think you can talk to Al Gore, and he can explain why the popular vote means nothing.

I love Serena Williams, and I’m also deathly afraid of horses. I’m probably not the ideal judge because I don’t like riding a carousel, so you can forget about putting a horse on a magazine cover. All that aside, Serena had a phenomenal, I mean phenomenal year in sports.

She won the Australian Open, Indian Wells (amidst racial controversy), French Open, and Wimbledon. This woman has put up with so much heat from the media over her body, her skin, and her quest for greatness (which I think she has achieved). Honestly, only being named SportsPerson of the year seems like too small of an award for all that she has accomplished.

But, of course something arose called RaceTwitter aka Horse Racing (Get it? I don’t cause it’s dumb) hit back against Williams award, see some tweets below:

Of course many people saw the complete absurdity of this entire argument and had their own #clapback


It just goes to show you once you are on top, they will do anything to tear you down. Stand tall Serena!

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