Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Called Out For Stunting With Someone’s Cash


Bow Wow aka Shad Moss is being trolled again for stunting with what someone’s wealth.

Shad Moss shot himself in the foot when he uploaded a photo of wads of cash on his instagram page with the caption: “Liquid cash. **** a net worth.” And got called out immediately stock trader, Timothy Sykes, who revealed on his own Instagram page that the photo of the cash belongs to him.

Bow Wow  immediately reacted by sharing another cash photo but this time he ensured he was in the picture to prove he owned the money. But the deed had already been done as he was trolled endlessly.

It will be recalled that Shad Moss got trolled when he claimed that the mansion he moved into was his. Until he was “stylishly” called out by the realtor. Who revealed that he was renting the apartment.

Shad Moss, you want to flaunt it? Then earn it.

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