Shocking! 6-Year-Old Student Put In Handcuffs At School For Taking Teacher’s Candy

photo credit: CBC

photo credit: CBC

A mom in Chicago, USA, is livid and is set to sue her daughter’s school after a teacher put her young daughter in handcuffs for taking candy off his desk.

According to The Root, Marlena Wordlaw’s 6-year-old daughter, Madisyn Moore, was reportedly pulled out of class at Fernwood Elementary School for taking candy off a teacher’s desk, handcuffed and put under some stairs at the school to teach her a lesson.

“He snatched me out of my class,” Madisyn told CBC News. “He made me get out in my handcuffs.”

Her mom got to the school 50 minutes after getting the call that Madisyn had gotten into trouble for taking the candy, but ended up being outraged by what she saw.

“When he pulled her from under stairs, she was crying,” Wordlaw said, referring to the school security guard. “He told me, ‘I’m doing my job; I’m trying to teach her a lesson.’

“I’m more angry than anything because it’s my only daughter. I feel like anything could have happened to her. Somebody could have touched her. She’s in the dark under the stairs,” the mother added.

Wordlaw reportedly went to the principal, who tried to apologize, but the mother says the apology wasn’t nearly enough.

I know kids can be mischievous but this is a crude of punishing a kid and this teacher has/needs to be sanctioned.


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