Shocking! City Of Cleveland Sues Family Of Tamir Rice For $500 EMS Bill

tamir rice wura

Unbelievable, annoying, but true! The City of Cleveland is suing the family of Tamir Rice over an unpaid ambulance bill for $500 after the city’s “police officers” shot and killed 12 year old Rice.

The charge is said to be for the work done by paramedics who tried in vain to save Tamir Rice’s life. A breakdown of the $500 bill is even provided: $450 for ‘advance life support’ and $50 for the cost of the ambulance driving from where Tamir was shot to the hospital where he died. reports that assistant law director Carl Meyers filed a claim in Cuyahoga County Probate Court, informing the Rice family that they need to pay the bill for ‘advance life support’ and the cost of the ambulance ride to MetroHealth Medical Center.

This comes just weeks after a grand jury decided not to indict the two white police officers who fatally shot Tamir when all he had on him was a toy gun.

There are no words to describe this absurd charge but callous and insensitive comes close. This will definitely add more pain to the struggles of Tamir’s family, who are still trying to get over his avoidable death.

This only goes to shows that black lives matters way lesser than we thought.

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