Social Media Kills Comedy Culture – Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Wura

Comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, is of the opinion that social media “waters” down the effect of stand up acts. Thus he has decided to place a ban of video cameras during his “What Now” tour.

Kevin Hart made this known at a press conference ahead of his show in South Africa. He said;

“Comedy isn’t music‚ you can hear a song over and over again‚ you can sing a song over and over again. A joke is different‚ you’ve heard a joke once it’s funny that time‚ the second time you’ll chuckle‚ the third time you get it.

“Social media‚ as much as I love it and embrace it‚ it’s the killer of our culture because people can’t do anything and sit and watch without it being recorded‚ without it being shared.

“If I allow people to record or have their phones out during my show‚ then there would be no element of surprise with me being here today. The people that are going to the show tomorrow would’ve seen the show virally thirteen or fourteen times.

“When you look at some of the biggest tours this year‚ there was no surprise going into those tours because you know what the artist had because everybody shared it‚ every blog picked it up.

“You don’t see anything about my shows because I want to save it. I want each experience to be amazing for the people I’m giving the experience to. If I don’t‚ I feel like I’m doing a disservice.”

At Kevin Hart’s shows‚ fans are given about two minutes or so to take pictures and videos at the beginning‚ anything beyond that is strictly prohibited.

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