Solange Knowles’ Compared To A Dog In Magazine


No one can argue how important a woman’s hair is – black hair to be specific.

A recent feature called “Double Creature,” in In Touch Weekly, is receiving a lot of backlash for publishing a  reader-submitted blurb that compared Solange Knowles to a dog because of her hair.

The title reads,

“Yorkipoo Jackie is ‘basically twinsies’ with Beyoncé’s sis…They rock the same hairdo and he’s very loyal to his…’”

The publication has outraged many, who are now calling the association ignorant and racist.

“[It’s] a sobering reminder of the resistance some black women face when they choose to rock their natural hair unapologetically,” says creator of, Leila Noelliste.

Patrice Grell Yursik, founder of the blog Afrobella, said

 “It’s obviously offensive to compare a woman of color’s natural hair to a dog’s fur…Even though this was reader submitted, I think it was ignorant and ill advised of In Touch to publish it.”

In a statement, the magazine explains that the recurring series is meant to be fun and each one incorporates a diverse selection of both people and pets, stating

“In response to recent articles printed, we want to make it clear that there was never any intent to be insensitive and no harm was meant towards anyone.”

We’re not sure if too many people see the humor.

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