South African Man Builds Own Sports Car


South African, Moses Ngobeni has achieved a childhood dream of making a car, a Red two-seater monster powered by a BMW 318is engine that comes  with remote-controlled ignition, airbags, aerodynamics, 250km/h top speed and has had Ngobeni put in three years of hard work to make it work.

Ngobeni, who is a municipal electrical technician in Mpumalanga, spent over R200000 ($26,000) to realize his childhood dream, that involved importing 2015 Nissan GTR Skyline taillights, side mirrors and sound-proofing materials. He designed the body from metal sheets he bought locally and designed the interior. The 2-litre engine was stripped off a BMW he bought specifically for its engine and gearbox, and the front lights are from an Audi TT coupé. A computer screen and auto-start complete the accessories.Limpopo-car-iv-768x493-300x193

Ngobeni’s innovation came to light when the tow truck driver he hired to transport the car to a police station to have its chassis number engraved. In order to certify the car with the traffic department and the National Regulatory of Compulsory Specification (NRCS). Took pictures of the vehicle and posted them on Facebook. The photos have been shared more than 5,000 times.

“Within an hour of those pictures going online I received several calls from strangers including journalists who asked for interviews, but I turned them down because the car was not finished yet,” Ngobeni revealed

“I didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. As an African, I know some people might get jealous and use ‘things’ to prevent this car from being completed.”

Ngobeni’s groundbreaking achievement is coming at a time of increased clamour for home-made products, goods and services as a means of growing Africa’s economy. Occasioned by the dwindling prices of commodities in the global market. Ngobeni next plan is to build a helicopter and we can’t wait to see that project come to fruition.


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