South African Red Bull Beat Battle Returns

Red Bull Battle Beat Battle

South Africans! Get ready for the best dancers in street dancing, as the Red Bull Beat Competition returns. The battle which will commence on the 21st of November,2015 will pitch South Africa’s best crews against each other in tit for tat battle.

The unique thing about this year’s competition is the fact that the organizers will bring back eight of the best crews from the last 4 editions, who now have a chance to grab the 2015 Red Bull Beat Battle “The Final Move” title.

Snap shots from the battle in 2014 Wura

Snap shots from the battle in 2014 Wura


This Red Bull Beat competition will showcase battles from street-dance styles like Pantsula, Sbhujwa, B-Boying, and other unique moves from past Red Bull Beat Battle winners including Freeze Frame, Artistic Intelligence, The Prophelaz, The Reptilez, V.I.N.T.A.G.E cro, Soulistic Fusion Trio, Via Volcano and Ninja Turtles.

They will be hoping to thrill fans and exhibit dance skills that relate to their African roots in a unique and creative manner. It is most certain that fans will be blown away by the display of exhilarating dance choreography, techniques, and flair

South African B-Boy, Gerald Witboi will also return as this year’s judge and hopefully this year the battle to snatch Freeze frame’s title and it will be held in Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto, Johannesburg.

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