Spike Lee on Chiraq, Trump, and Laquan McDonald

Spike Lee Chiraq


Revolutionary director Spike Lee has a lot to say about the state of race in America, and he’s using Chiraq to say it. Chiraq is a modern day retelling of Lysistra set in the south side of Chicago. The film is being distributed by Amazon and is already receiving rave reviews.

Lee sat down to discuss his thoughts on his film, race, and Kobe’s retirementChiraq deals heavily with gun violence, and Lee has always been a huge advocate against gun violence. “Who hunts with a semi-automatic weapon? Is it for hunting human beings? I don’t understand that!”

I’d have to agree with Lee, everyone wants to quote the second amendment, but the forefathers weren’t walking around with semi-automatic weapons.

Lee said he wasn’t trying to be a “Tarantino,” but is rightfully upset by the Laquan McDonald killing.

“I know cops, and that’s a hard motherf*****’ job. And most of the cops do well, and mean well. But when you have rogue cops like this guy, he may be from Chicago, but it affects every cop in every police department all across America, and it just widens the gap between the community and the police.”

It’s true the racial division and violence from primarily white police officer only makes things worst. Unfortunately the media will never show the good cops, the one who drives a black kid home, who rescues a kidnapped child, or who helps a gangster find his way to the light. I believe they exists. The optimist in me believes that cops aren’t all bad, but the overwhelming evidence and the media only intensifies the situation.

Fear is what causes this violence, and the media is only further creating that fear in black kids and in cops.

Lee went on his interview to go so far as to compare Trump to Hitler.

When asked about the staggering low percentage of refugees that are linked to terrorism (3%), Lee responded, “But you know what Trump’s saying: “They’re thinking about it!” [Laughs] And he wants to close down mosques now. That’s like the Nazis. That’s like Hitler…”

Chiraq isn’t telling us anything new. The racial state in this country is terrible. If the media is an indicator, it’s gotten worse from when I was a kid. (Or maybe because I was young I was unaware). Regardless, Lee is telling the story that no one else is willing to tell, and he’s doing it in epic fashion.

Chiraq is being viewed as a socially conscious satire. I did love Boondocks, so I probably will quite enjoy Lee’s film. I say support a movie that means something and is trying to make a difference.

To read everything from Lee’s interview go here:

And watch the trailer for Chiraq which is in theatres now.


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