Startling! Archeologist Discovers Fossils Of Mother Cradling Her Baby


Taiwan Archaeologists have excavated 4,800-year-old remains of a mother cradling a baby in her arms.

The fossils were excavated from the graves in the Taichung area of Taiwan. The excavation commenced May 2014 ant took a year to complete after which findings were carbonated to determine the age of the fossils which included five children.foss1_1461735425




Amongst the various discoveries, the most intriguing were the remains of the mother looking down at her baby.

“When it was unearthed, all of the archaeologists and staff members were shocked. Why? Because the mother was looking down at the baby in her hands,” said Chu Whei-lee, who works as a curator in the Anthropology Department at Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science.


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