Steve Harvey Calls The Wrong Winner For Miss Universe

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

The Steve Harvey Miss Universe slip-up is one for the record books. The funny-man made a harsh error when he called the incorrect winner for the Miss Universe competition.

The Family Feud host yelled, “Colombia!” to signify the winner. Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, was crowned and received the winning sash. Miss Phillipines walked to the side all while keeping the ‘pageant smile.’

People cheered and hollered for Miss Colombia. Arevalo, herself, cried, waved, blew kisses, and stood gracefully and beautiful as she was crowned the winner.

Steve Harvey walked to the stage with an envelope and a mic and quieted the crowd down to speak. He then announced that Arevalo was the runner-up. Needless to say the crowd was confused and stunned.

Even the real winner Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurzbach, wasn’t sure what to do. Miss USA (third place) leans over, and explains to Wurzbach who is noticeably in shock.

The crowd was not happy. I mean this Steve Harvey Miss Universe envelope snafu was one for the record books. The crowd immediately started booing to which Harvey responded.

Harvey showed the winning envelope, and it clearly said Miss Colombia was runner up and Miss Philippines was the winner. So, you know it was a big deal because they never show the envelopes in award show. I personally believe that’s how they keep all of their power.

Harvey begged the crowd, not to boo at the ladies, and the error was all his fault. Yep, Steve you messed up big time. I guess a day in the life of an actor doing really hard tasks, like reading, can get to be too much when the pressure is on.

All joking aside, Harvey felt terrible about his mistake, and he tweeted out an apology:

Steve Harvey you don’t have to apologize to me because it is downright hilarious. While Miss Colombia’s face when she realizes she is not the winner is quite sad, everything else in the video might be consider comedic. It’s something that would be hilarious in a rom-com (like Miss Congeniality), but in real life is something else entirely.

Congratulations to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, and I hope the whole Steve Harvey Miss Universe-envelope thing is something you can look back on with laughter.

Watch the video below, definitely worth the whole 5 minutes.

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