Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas shotglasses

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas are harder than they used to be. Most of the small things people already have. And nowadays lists are filled with electronics, clothes, and toys (for the kiddos). I’ve always been a proponent of getting everyone a gift even if it’s something small. I accomplished this list year, and I have 7 siblings (plus my Mom and Dad). So, trust me it is possible. So here’s a list of some great and inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas, so everyone can get a little bit of love from you.



Christmas Stocking Stuffer candy

Everyone, I mean everyone loves candy. For my one brother, it’s Mike and Ike’s. My other brother loves nerds. And I have yet another, who loves jelly beans. My personal fav is a tie between Twix and strawberry nerds. Candy Canes are always an easy way to go.

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