Study Shows 58% Of Doctors Believe ‘Black Skin Is Thicker Than Whites’ And Are Undertreated For Pain


A new study shows that Blacks are given less medical attention because some doctors believe erroneous medical urban myth about African Americans.

The report posted by the Washington Post indicates that African Americans are routinely under-treated for their pain in relation to whites. A study released Monday indicates why this trend is now almost a certified medical belief.

Researchers at the University of Virginia quizzed white medical students and residents to see how many believed inaccurate and at times “fantastical” differences about the two races — for example, that blacks have less sensitive nerve endings than whites or that black people’s blood coagulates more quickly. They found that almost half thought at least one of the false statements presented was possibly, probably or definitely true.“We were expecting some endorsement” of the false beliefs, said Kelly Hoffman, a U-Va. doctoral candidate in psychology who led the study. But she said the researchers were surprised so many in the group with medical training endorsed the false beliefs,some of which she called “more outlandish.”For example, 58 percent of the study’s general group said they believed that “blacks’ skin is thicker than whites’.”

About 40 percent of first- and second-year medical students also thought that was true, as did 25 percent of residents — doctors who recently completed their studies and now are receiving more specialized training. Also many of the students and new physicians did not believe true statements about biological differences between the races, Hoffman said. For example, only half of residents knew that whites are less susceptible to heart disease than blacks.

Hopefully this study will help in reiterating the fact that the only difference between every race is just culture and skin colour. Deep inside, we are all the same.

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