Study Shows Black Males Only Represent 2% Of All Public School Teachers In America


A new study by Education week shows Black teachers are in short supply in public schools in America.

The report shows that while K-12 schools have never been more diverse; the ratio of black to white teachers has dropped drastically in spite of the efforts made by the nation’s teaching corps.

Black men are currently the most underrepresented demographic in the teaching sector. Surveys show that black teachers also face the same discrimination minorities students go through in mostly white educational environments.
The shortage may be even worse in places like Picayune that have historically struggled to attract non-white teachers. In the district, 60 percent of students are white and 34 percent are black.

A 2015 “The State of Teacher Diversity in American Education” report by the Albert Shanker Institute  shows that non-white teachers are being hired at a higher proportional rate than other teachers, but they’re also leaving the profession at a higher rate.

Where do you think the problem lies?

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